Garage Door Spring Repair

Without torsion springs, or extension springs, on the garage door, the weight of the door would be unmanageable for the opener, human or machine. Few people notice the springs on the garage door until one day when a strange sound is heard, and the door will not rise. In this instance, a call for garage door spring repair is in order.

Garage Door Spring Repair Land O Lakes FL

A call to Taylor Garage Door will beckon a certified technician to assess the situation. Prices are based on the size and type of spring needed to complete the repair. Each truck is equipped with the most common springs, so the technician will be able to complete work on the first visit in most cases.

Benefits to the customer:
• Lifetime Warranty on the springs!

• Certified technicians – with clear background records
• Customer Service is a top priority!
• Fully insured and bonded

Torsion or Extension

During the first call, the customer will be asked which type of spring is on the garage door. Torsion springs wrap around the center of a rod that runs across the top of the garage door. Extension springs are found along the sides of the door opening. Taylor Garage Door is able to replace the springs on any type of garage door.

Taylor Garage Door Best Repair Practices

Every garage door spring repair will be conducted following three best practices that prevent another repair in the near future.

• Replace both springs – One broken spring will be replaced with two new springs since they work in tandem. The old spring will break in a few months if one spring is replaced. Replacing both springs at the same time provides perfect tension on the door for optimal opening action.

• Use the right springs – Proper installation of appropriate springs will protect the garage door system from damage and support long-term operation of the garage door opener.

• Conduct a safety inspection – A broken spring can indicate problems in some other area of the garage door system. The safety inspection ensures that the technician will not have to return in a couple of weeks because another part has failed.