Garage Door Opener Repair

Everyone has a personal opinion concerning the convenience, or necessity, of a garage door opener. In the midst of a storm, the garage door opener becomes a necessity that must respond when the button is depressed.

A number of common problems can befall the garage door opener:

• Unreliable performance – intermittence
• Noisy operationGarage Door Opener Repair Land O Lakes FL
• Sagging belt or chain
• Shorted out motor – caused by lightning or power surge

• Flashing lights on the case of the opener
• Door opener hums but does not lift the door
• Remote does not send a signal to the opener
• Wall button does not operate the opener

During the first phone call with the customer, the Taylor Garage Door representative will ask some basic questions about the situation. Sometimes, a service call can be avoided if the homeowner can diagnose the problem. Replacing the batteries in the remote control could solve the problem without paying for a garage door opener repair service call.

Situations that call for replacement:

• Garage door openers manufactured before 1993 must be replaced to comply with federal regulation, UL 325.
• Models that have been recalled for safety defects must be replaced.
• Missing safety eyes will require replacement of the garage door opener.
• Some garage door openers have been in operation long enough that replacement parts are no longer available.

Garage door opener repair can be required if the garage door mechanism is out of balance. Unnecessary strain placed on the opener will cause the motor to strain to open the garage door. The certified technician will assess the garage door system to ensure a garage door repair is not necessary during the same service call.

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